Skill upgrading & trainings at CBIS

CBIS as a company have highly experienced trainers who have vast experience in giving training for a variety of clients. Our training team is composed of trainers who give variety of trainings and lectures in university and colleges.

We have also experienced trainers that specialize in a variety of sectors such as Business, Management, Information Technology, child focused trainings and also other general community trainings.


Currently Available list of trainings

  • Office technologies and office Automation
  • Internet and Online sourcing and Branding in social Networks
  • Database technologies
  • Web Site design
  • Programing (with latest technologies of .Net, Java, C#... etc)
  • Basics of Networking
  • Office Administration and Office Automations
  • Basics of Computer troubleshooting and Preventive Maintenance techniques

For more details of training, please make your request here...