PHP web development

PHP web development PHP language is considered one of the most popular & most widely accepted open source web development technology. PHP Web development is considered to offer the most efficient solution combined with LINUX, MySQL and Apache technologies.

This combination is better known as the LAMP technologies. Variety of open source products and tools are regularly studied, and implemented by CBIS to support emerging system needs.

CBIS has developed number of web applications using content management systems (CMS), and also customized web applications based on PHP and mySQL. Few of the various benefits of PHP development or LAMP technologies are listed below:

  • Freely available- no hassles of license purchase or acquisition
  • Purely open source- greater pool to Extend/Enhance the language
  • Faster turn around time and speedy development
  • Cost Effective Hosting and Free upgrades
  • Availability of code libraries and free Reusable Code