Web Hosting for small and large Business

How is web hosting better at CBIS? And why should you worry about web hosting, anyway? Yes, you need website hosting so your website can be found on the internet, but beyond that, what else is important and what is best?


Affordable, Reliable, Web Hosting

First and always what you can count on from your web hosting provider is fast and reliable windows or PHP websites. Your internet marketing plan takes for granted that your website will always be there and ready for you and your web-based customers. So do we and that's exactly what you get with business web hosting from CBIS.

What else can you expect from CBIS as your web hosting company? How about sensible, understandable pricing.

Instead of pricing our hosting based on a myriad of options – bandwidth, disk space, e-mail addresses – CBIS offers simplified pricing of bundled products.  Our theory is that you should pay for the products and services that you need, not the ones you’ll never use.

When it comes to speed, performance and reliability, you will be impressed by our and our partners comparable solution.  CBIS web and e-mail servers are fully redundant, insulating you from the risk of downtime and lost opportunity.  With full multi-peer redundancy and connections to multiple backbones, you can be certain that your site will stay in step with the growth of your business.