CBIS Web technologies

Complete Business Information Services (CBIS) is established under the rules and regulations of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with the aim of providing diversified information technology services. CBIS offers a wide range of trainings and IT Services for corporate business, personal users, government institutions or non-governmental offices. Having the head office in Addis Ababa, the capital of the country Ethiopia/Africa, CBIS is also intended to extend its services all over the country. Our vision is to emerge as a technology – driven dynamic organization that offers innovative value added trainings and IT services to a variety of clients.

Proper use of for skilled man power and information technology can help businesses tackle a wide range of problems and their by enhance productivity. CBIS aims to assist organizations in Ethiopia in fully realizing the benefits of IT by providing high quality services. In Ethiopia the integration of information technology in business processes is very limited, due to factors like inadequate telecom infrastructure and financial resources, but also due to a lack of skills and knowledge. We believe however that improved usage of IT is essential for increasing productivity and quality of goods and services.

As information technology solution provider, CBIS is dedicated to provide knowledge integrated solution that best bridge the gap between business and technology. Customers ranging from diverse technical application support to effective manpower recruitment and training support, thereby strengthening their businesses day by day and earning the respect of our customers and stakeholders. We aim to constantly add value to our customer’s. Our professional methodologies relay on deep study of client’s requirement and provide best fit solutions that use cutting edge technology considering the specific business processes. We respect the environment and act and speak ethically. Business ethics and corporate governance forms the cornerstone of our interactions with our team members, customers and stakeholders.